Paris Visite Metro Pass

There’s an easy way to travel and tour the city of Paris using the metro pass issued by RATP (Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) also known as “Paris Visite”.

While you can buy metro tickets by ten at metro stations, travelers find useful to buy a pass instead and not worry about how many tickets to use or how many left. The Paris Metro Pass gives you unlimited travel using: the Metro, public buses, RER (train lines that crosses Paris) and even the famous Montmartre funicular.

Sample of pass - Paris Metro

Available from 1 to 5 Days and for 3 or 5 zones(*), the pass has the size of a regular metro ticket but not the same color. You must insert it in metro turnstiles but you will only show it to bus drivers while boarding.

Sample of black card provided with Metro PassSome versions of the pass are available for sale in some metro stations but know that there are now over 100+ metro stations in Paris without ticket booths and/or attendants.

To optimize your time in Paris, know that you have the ability to have your passes delivered to your hotel before your arrival or even to your home before departure. You can order them in advance through this Paris Metro Pass online JustRing Paris Pass worldwide dealer.

Some discounts and savings are available by showing your metro pass at selected places like restaurants, monuments or shopping department stores like Galeries Lafayette.

  • (*) 3 zones includes the entire city of Paris, 5 zones: entire city of Paris + close surburbs where Versailles Castle, Disneyland Paris or airports are located.
  • Paris Metro Map (with streets)
  • Zones map

General advice warning: never buy tickets/passes from strangers standing in front of metro entrance, these tickets are false and you could be fined.